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August 23 2013


The man

Sigh man: talented ugly, long handsome little money, earn more regardless of home, cares for nothing, promising not romantic, be romantic unreliable, reliable and useless lives. Sigh woman: beautiful does not cook, the kitchen is not gentle, tender not assertive, independent not feminine, feminine spend money, do not spend money is not fashion, fashion is not assured, rest assured that no France Look, my wife is a TV lover is mobile, and occasionally watch TV all day, play phone, bankruptcy sell TV, make a fortune for mobile phone, TV life of charge, phone arrears to stop, three-year-old man is to bad, holding singing the same love of the same generation, four-year-old man has been to bad, holding the next generation of singing belated love, the worst five-year-old man, holding the third generation of singing silly love, a woman must do To stand the lies, stand the perfunctory, we resist cheating, forget it promises, preferring to believe that there was something fishy industry do not believe that a man that mouth....

May 13 2013


Poems for Love

what else?
6424 ba9c
Freedom and love go together.
Love is not a reaction.
If I love you
because you love me,
that is mere trade,
a thing to be
bought in the market;
it is not love.
To love is
not to ask anything in return,
not even to feel that
you are giving something
- and it is only such love
that can know freedom.
If only you knew she loved you,
you could face the uncertainty
of whether you love her.

Love Quotes

love love love
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